1. How do I register? Your agency is “registered” the first time you submit an IONS Screening Request.
  2. Remember the exact wording/spelling of your agency name the first time you sign in, you will need this for subsequent requests.
    Tip:  Use a unique name for your agency, not DFCS, DSS, Social Services, etc.
    This will make it easier to identify your individual agency for subsequent screening requests.
  3. Read and follow all pop-up instructions. Failure to do so will results in an “invalid” screening request which will need to be resubmitted.
  4. When submitting a request, please enter a valid phone number to reach the person submitting the request. This will allow the screener to contact you should there be a question.
  5. The person requesting the screening (Screening Results To be Sent to i.e. the Requester) cannot be the same as the Applicant when submitting in IONS.
  6. My agency is already registered but I am not (i.e. multiple users from the same agency)
    1. Agency already exists. Yes
    2. Does the user already exist? No, follow the directions
  7. Returning Users
    1. Agency already registered. Yes
    2. Type agency name as you did the first time select it then Next at the bottom of the page
    3. Are you a Returning user? Yes, start typing your email address you used the first time- it should pop up, select and follow prompts.
  8. My agency name is in IONS multiple times, how do I get them merged?
    1. Have agency representative email correct agency name and address as well as a list of all email addresses used to the
  9. I have registered previously but when I try to enter my email, I get an error message.
    1. Ensure you have selected the correct agency name- there may be multiple entered
    2. Contact the help desk for assistance